Meet Mirador

The idea for Mirador came to our co-founder after a disheartening search for quality assisted living options for his grandmother. The process was often opaque and confusing, with hidden prices and unclear costs. One thing was clear: the system needed a significant overhaul. When finding the right senior living community is straightforward and transparent, it leads to better experiences for families and their loved ones. Mirador seeks to transform this journey, making it more transparent and accessible through our intuitive platform, powered by data science, smart design, and personalized recommendations.

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Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dharam Khalsa

As co-founder and CEO, Dharam makes sure everything is clicking - from relationships with our partners to users on our website. Prior to Mirador, he co-founded California Burrito and grew it to India's largest burrito chain with 74 locations across the country. He earned a BA in History and Political Science at Oberlin College and an MBA at Kellogg School of Management

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Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

Brandon Blakeley

As co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Brandon leads everything digital for Mirador — from pixel-perfect design to lightning-quick page loading, PPC and SEO to flyers and mailers. Before co-founding Mirador, he spent five years at Google developing SaaS products. Brandon graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in computer science and mathematics and dropped out of the Ph.D. program at the University of Washnigton with the consolatory masters degree.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Justine Underhill

As Chief Marketing Officer, Justine helps people find us and understand how we can help. Justine is an award-winning video journalist and independent filmmaker. She has worked for international and domestic news organizations, including Yahoo Finance as an on-air host, reporter and producer. She created a docuseries that was recognized for its excellence by numerous outlets, including the Telly Awards. She is a second-generation Washingtonian and a graduate of DC Public Schools, The Washington Waldorf School and Georgetown University, where she holds degrees in Economics, Theater & Performing Arts, and Mathematics.

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